Dirk De Wit (°1960) was since 1989 in charge of the programme and production of film and video in the art centre STUK in Leuven, and was from 1992 onwards its artistic director, together with Mark Deputter. In 1997, he founded a new association for art and new media in Brussels, Constant vzw, and organised the first two editions of the association's festival, Verbindingen/Jonctions. He was a member of the artistic team of Bruxelles/Brussel 2000 (cultural capital of Europe in 2000) and he was also in charge of the projects regarding film, video and new media. Since 2001, he has been lecturing at the international Transmedia postgraduate of the Sint-Lukas Hogeschool Brussel. From 2002, he was the coordinator of the Digitaal Platform of the support centre for audiovisual (IAK) and visual arts (IBK), and he is documenting and supporting artists and organisations, using new media and technology. He also engaged himself in supporting changing forms of creation, distribution and participation in the context of our society of knowledge and information (aka 'e-culture'). In 2006, he edited the publication of 'E-cultuur. Bouwstenen voor praktijk' together with Debbie Esmans. Currently he is Coordinator International Relations and Visual Arts at Kunstenpunt.