What is the purpose of the Indigenous Community Bundle?

The sole purpose of this bundle is to give organisations comprehensive access to the Indigenous national and local communities. The bundle will also assist you in achieving all your strategic Indigenous initiatives and giving you access to the Indigenous personnel you need on the ground level.

Our organisation has a RAP or is considering doing a RAP, will this bundle help?

Accessing this bundle will help you achieve 70%-90% of all your objectives on your RAP, or the RAP you want to create. For instance, you can get cultural awareness courses for your organisations to increase Indigenous capability, and you can advertise employment opportunities in your business/s, and access Indigenous consultants for projects and Indigenous individuals to provide cultural services. This bundle is really a one-stop-shop.

How many users can use each platform?

Unlimited! This bundle includes unlimited users for cultural awareness courses, unlimited jobs posts and unlimited event posts for obtaining Indigenous cultual services.

How long does the Indigenous Community Bundle last for, and what is Price Life Time Guarantee?

This bundle is a 12 month subscription and will be up for renewal after 12 months. If you renew again in 12 months we will give you a "Price Life Time Guarantee", meaning you will be able to purchase the course for the same amount when you first purchased it. This offer will be offered to you as long as you renew every 12 months.

We have different business locations in different areas, can all our staff members access these platforms?

Yes they can. You can determine who you want to be your adminstrator and they can give access to anyone within your business or business units.

What technical and adminstrational support will I get?

You will get a designated support staff member assigned to your organisational profile. This Indigenous Commuity Bundle also comes with executive service and training support.

Can I get a refund if I dont like the Indigenous Community Bundle after I purchase it?

Yes you can. We offer a 30 day money back refund guarantee. Simply email info@yourmob.org and this request will be dealt with promptly.

Does this package allow me to upload course files on to my organisational LMS?

Yes it does. Simply request it via email, and we will add it to your online profile.